Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    Sport snowboard
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    • Half Pipe, parallel giant slalom, parallel slalom, snowboard cross, Slope Style.
    • Half Pipe, parallel giant slalom, parallel slalom, snowboard cross, Slope Style.


    • Snowboard


    • Boots, bindings, helmet, mask, protection.


    Winter Olympic sport consisting in descent from snow-covered slopes and mountains on a special projectile — snowboarding. Originally a winter sport, although some ekstremaly mastered it even in the summer, while snowboarding on sandy slopes (sendbording). At the Olympic winter games 1998 in Nagano, snowboarding was first included in the Olympic program.

    In Russia

    The USSR's first prototype of the snowboard monalisa — was constructed in the mid 1970-ies at the factory all-Union Institute of light alloys.

    The first professional snowboarding was brought to the USSR in 1988, the famous football commentator Vladimir Maslachenko.

    The first domestic production of snowboards was carried out by the firm Gromel and Double Black.

    In the late 1980's-early 1990-ies Soviet athletes were engaged only in slalom (downhill from the mountain avoiding the flags). Since 1992 began the development of freestyle.

    Since the mid 1990-ies were held Amateur and professional competitions in such kinds of driving? as halfpipe, big air and slalom.

    In 1996 he opened Russia's first summer snowboard-camp on Elbrus, which later became an annual event.

    In September 1997, in Moscow took place the international snowboard show Ballantine's Urban High.

    In 1995, the snowboard was included in the number of sports developed by ski Federation of Russia.

    In the same year was held the first championship of Russia on biathlon. The first Champions of Russia Denis Tikhomirov and Olga Luchkina in the giant slalom, and the novel Dyrdyn in the halfpipe.

    In 1996, the representatives of Russia were participants of the world championship in snowboarding, they acted in parallel disciplines and snowboard cross event.

    In 1999, Maria Tikhvinskaya won the first medal in snowboarding — bronze in the discipline Board cross.

    In the early 2000-ies the leader of the national snowboarding was considered Svetlana Boldykova, who won a silver medal at the European Cup in 2002, and silver in the parallel giant slalom at the world Championships in South Korea in 2005.

    In 2007, the first world championship gold in the parallel giant slalom brought our national team Ekaterina Tudegesheva.

    Only at the world Championships on account of Russian athletes three gold in 2011 in the parallel giant slalom gold was won by Alain Zavarzin, 2013 — Catherine Tudegesheva.

    In the season 2010/2011 of Russian athletes won the overall world Cup standings thanks to the success of Catherine Tudegesheva. Just Tudegesheva had 11 wins at various stages of the world Cup.

    Also, the winners of the world Cup among local athletes became Alena Zavarzina, Stanislav Detkov, Andrew Boldykov and Alexey Sobolev.

    In the winter Olympics of 1998 and 2002, Russian athletes did not participate.

    At the 2006 winter Olympics in Turin Catherine Tudegesheva took fifth place.

    At the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver (Canada) Russian athlete Ekaterina Ilyuhina won the first Olympic medal — silver in the parallel giant slalom. Stanislav Detkov at the Olympics in Vancouver, finished fourth in the parallel giant.

    18 February 2014 at the winter Olympics in Sochi Nikolay Olyunin brought Russia's first Olympic medal in men's snowboard silver medal in the discipline Board cross.

    The competition of the snowboarders at the Olympics in Sochi have brought team Russia four medals: two gold, one silver and one bronze. Two-time Olympic champion Viktor Wilde, a bronze medal in the parallel giant slalom was won by Alain Zavarzin.

    20 APR 2014 in Moscow was created by the snowboard Federation of Russia. Its President was Denis Tikhomirov. Among the founders of the organization included Alena Zavarzina, Vic wild, Ekaterina Ilyukhina and Nikolay Olyunin.

    Sport scholls

    The Academy of winter sports (- "Hill"). 

    Sport history

    The invention of the snowboard refers to the beginning of 1960-ies. Sherman Poppen from the city of Muskegon, Michigan, invented and manufactured for his daughter in 1965, the modern kind of snowboard called serverom (snurfer — a word composed of two others — snow ("snow") and surf — "surf"). He glued two skis in one. By design, snarfer was very close to the skateboard, only without wheels. Snurfer had no fastenings, and in order to stay on the Board, skiers had to hold the rope tied to the nose. The instructions also recommended the use of ski for non-slip shoes. Already in 1966 it started the production of snurfer as a child's toy.

    The growing popularity of snowboarding has led to official recognition of it as a winter sport: in 1985 the Austrian ski resort of Zürs am Arlberg hosted the first World Cup. A year earlier, for the development of General competition regulations and the organization of their conduct was created by the international snowboard Association (ISA). In the mid 1990-ies, the IOC is recognized as the official governing body of the snowboard International ski Federation (FIS). Therefore, all major international competitions in snowboarding since the mid 1990-ies were held under the auspices and rules of the International ski Federation.

    At present snowboarding as a sport has firmly won its place. In snowboarding there are all kinds of top-level competitions: Olympic games, world Championships, world Cup, X-Games, US Open and others. These competitions are broadcast by TV around the world. Many ski resorts create special snowboard parks — buildings made of snow for trick snowboarding (and skiing).

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