Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    Sport kerling
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    • Men's tournament (10 teams).
    • Women's tournament (10 teams).


    • Stone, Curling brush


    • Sport suit, special Curling shoes


    Team sports game on an ice platform. Participants of two commands serially start up on ice special heavy granite shells ("stones") in the direction marked on the ice the target ("house"). Each team of four players.

    In Russia

    Curling appeared in Russia in the 2nd half of the XIX century. In 1873, in Moscow, and three years later in St. Petersburgbuy branches of the Scottish "Royal Curling club" sports for the entertainment of foreigners. These offices existed until the first world war.

    In the USSR in the 1920-ies was published a number of articles about Curling, but the further development of this sport in the Soviet Union have not received.

    In April 1991, in St. Petersburg held the first organizational meeting of enthusiasts of the sport of Curling, defining the prospects and directions of its development in Russia.

    In December 1991, the Federation was formed Curling Ro

    Sport scholls

    Curling centre

    Sport history

    Curling originated in Scotland in the early XVI century, the actual proof of the existence of this sports game is Curling sports equipment (stone), the surface of which is stamped date of manufacture ("1511"), found at the bottom of the drained pond in Dunblane. The first annalistic mention of Curling are found in medieval monastic books, dated 1541, preserved in the Scottish Paisley Abbey.

    About the same time (1565 year) include two paintings by Pieter Brueghel depicting Dutch peasants playing ice stock sport — game, close to Curling, on the ice of a frozen lake. Scotland and the Netherlands in the sixteenth century had very strong trade and cultural ties, evidence of which is widespread in continental Europe, not only Curling, and Golf.

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