Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    Freestyle skiing

    Sport fristyle
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    • Moguls, Dual Moguls, Aerials, Ski Cross.
    • Moguls, Dual Moguls, Aerials, Ski Cross.


    • Skis, poles for skiing.


    • Ski boots, ski bag, sunglasses


    The kind of skiing included in the winter Olympic games. Disciplines are freestyle ski acrobatics, Mogul, ski cross, halfpipe, slopestyle. The freestyle is commonly attributed to the style twin tips. Ski ballet is one of the disciplines of freestyle, pre-1999, have been eliminated from official competitions.

    Organizational freestyle is among the sports competitions which are conducted under the auspices of the International ski Federation.

    In international competitions, most successfully in different disciplines of freestyle athletes perform in Canada, USA, France, China, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, and Australia.

    In Russia

    In the USSR freestyle appeared in the 1970-ies. July 1, 1985, the Department was created ski freestyle sport Committee of the USSR. The first all-Union competitions in freestyle was held in February 1986 near the village of Gorki. In 1988 established the independent Federation of freestyle of the USSR.

    Sport scholls

    The Academy of winter sports (- "Hill").

    Sport history

    Freestyle is a relatively young winter sport, from the 1950-ies. Before that, freestyle was a mountain show in the form of ski ballet, designed to entertain rest of the audience and generating revenue. In 1926 in Germany there was a first book devoted entirely to the ski ballet. Its author was a skier and mountaineer Dr. Fritz RUEIL.

    Freestyle, as a sport originated as a mix of skiing and acrobatics. The first freestyle competitions were held in Attitash, new Hampshire in 1966.

    The the freestyle world Cup has been played since 1978. In 1986 in French Tina was the first world championship.

    At the Winter Olympics freestyle was first presented as demonstrations in 1988, at the XV winter Olympics in calgary. The first Olympic medals in freestyle skiing (men's and women's Mogul) was played on the next winter Olympics in Albertville. In subsequent years the program of the Olympic disciplines of freestyle extended:

    In 1994 in Lillehammer were added ski acrobatics
    Ski cross debuted in Vancouver in 2010
    In 2014, halfpipe and slopestyle was added to the Winter Olympics in Sochi.
    Thus, today's Olympic disciplines are freestyle ski acrobatics, Mogul, ski-cross and slopestyle

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