Красноярская универсиада 2019 года

2-12 MARCH 2019

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    Sport hockey with ball
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    • Men's tournament
    • Women’s tournament
    • * demoview


    • Stick, Skates


    • Pads (knee and elbow pads), bib, gloves (gauntlets), burl, shell, helmet, and visor


    Winter sport team game, which takes place on the ice field with two teams. All of the players to move across ice using ice skates. Field players, using sticks, try them to get the ball into the other team's net and not allow field players of the opposite team to do the same. The gate is guarded by goalkeepers do not use sticks.

    In Russia

    Hockey is popular in Russia.

    Suffice it to say that the highest and first leagues of the championship of Russia played 63 teams from 26 regions, representing 6 Federal districts and one foreign team — "Akzhayik" from Uralsk Kazakhstan, and the Federation of bandy of Russia includes 47 national, provincial and regional federations and branches of hockey.

    The biggest representation in the top League are Irkutsk and Sverdlovsk regions, each of which is three teams of the higher League. In General, in both leagues out of competition Sverdlovsk oblast, a guide in the highest and first League 9 teams from 6 cities.

    Also important is yet another figure: during the season of game of commands of the higher League attracts more than a million viewers[19], and the most important games gather at one stadium to 30 000 fans.

    The development of modern hockey in Russia is carried out under the leadership of the Federation of bandy of Russia (President Boris Skrynnik). Federation competitions of the championship of Russia in the higher and first League, Cup of Russia, as well as Championships for women, veterans, juniors and young men's, children's tournament on Prizes of the club "Wicker ball", tournaments and mini-hockey (rink-bandy), and a number of other competitions.

    In addition, competitions in hockey are held on and off the field activities of the Federation of bandy of Russia, for example, held in 2007 at Shalini the framework of the "Sport vs street" I the Amateur championship of the Sakhalin region at hockey.

    Sport scholls

    Hockey club "Yenisei"

    Sport history

    In Russian Chronicles it is told about the ice game, in which several people with sticks chasing some round object, usually a vegetable. In different regions the game was called "Klochkova", "stick on ice", "pen", "Yula", "chase", "Sarena", "pot", etc. A fan of hockey was Peter I, in which play was used iron skates introduced by the king of Holland. From the IX century in the Icelandic annals found mention of "knattleikr". In the British Isles there was a whole series of competitions with the club and hit the ball — Bendi British bendo at the Welsh, the Scots shinty and hurling the Irish; the summer games were held on the grass, in winter on the ice. Ice game with sticks were popular in the Netherlands.

     March 8 (March 20, new style) 1898 in St. Petersburg in the North rink on Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt was the first match hockey ball according to approved rules, this day is considered the official birthday of Russian hockey.

    Since 2004, the championship of the world on bandy among women. In 2011 hockey was presented at the Asian Winter games held in Kazakhstan.

    Also hosts the world Championships among youth teams. In 2013 the champion was the team of Russia.

    In March 2012 in the Swedish city of Uppsala for the first time in the history of the hockey Hall of fame opened Swedish bandy

    The sport was first included in the Winter Universiade in 2017.

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