Красноярская универсиада 2019 года
2-12 MARCH 2019
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Symbol of the Universiade
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Main ideas

The first Winter Universiade in Russia will be delivered in 2019 in the city of Krasnoyarsk, geographical centre of Siberia. Russia is the largest country in its area, where the major part of the territory is ruled by the long winter.

It is Siberia where this season is ideal for doing all winter types of sports and feel winter at 100%. Besides, “frost” and “winter” are not only set associations of Russia to foreigners but also special forces and images excitingly depicted in Russian culture.

Winter Universiade is a unique event! This is a festival of winter, hospitability, youth and sports. This is the festival charging with energy and covering with the atmosphere of friendliness and warmth. This is the festival for the dreams to come true, for the new talents to be reveled, for the people round the globe to meet.

All this variety of meanings was reflected in the mascots and general visual concept of the Universiade developed. The ground for the graphic depiction is based on the ideas of MANYSIDEDNESS, TRANSFORMATION AND GAME.

As for the obligatory elements in the brand image, it is agreed to use Latin ‘U’ and brand block with the FISU starts.

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System of Brand Slogans of the Winter Universiade

The "Real Winter" slogan is used as the main verbal constant to reveal the main idea.

The “Welcome to Winter” slogan is an additional one and is used in the invitation campaign for the Winter Universiade.

The “100% Winter” slogan is an additional one and is used together with any slogan or alone as chevron or clothes patch.

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Mascot of the Winter Universiade 2019

U Laika – is a Siberian husky, a symbol of faithfulness, friendliness, joy and unrestrained energy; it is a friend always ready to be a helping hand in an hour of need.